Rossiter's Harley-Davidson Staff

Service Department

Sean wears a hat and glasses and smiles behind a dark goatee with mustache.

Sean Carman

Service Manager

Phil has a mustache, stands tall, and smiles tightly.

Phil Hines

Lead PHD Certified Technician

Brad has curly blonde hair and smiles with hands in pockets.

Brad Collum


JC wears glasses, has a short beard, and shows off his forearm tattoos.

JC Rainey

PHD Certified Technician

Ryan wears glasses and smiles behind a goatee.

Ryan O'Rourke

PHD Certified Technician

Mike wears glasses and a mustache.

Mike Florea

Service Support Staff

Travis wears a hat, smiles, and has one hand in his pocket.

Travis Buckley

Service Support Staff

Parts Department

Erik wears sunglasses and a plaid shirt.

Erik Setterstrom

Parts & Accessories

Tom holds hands behind back and smiles wide.

Tom Owen

Parts & Accessories

Mike wears a full, white beard and has a relaxed smile.

Mike Weaver

Parts & Accessories

Cory has a long beard, wire-rimmed glasses, and holds his hands behind his back.

Cory Aparicio

Parts & Accessories

Sales Department

David wears a hat, short beard, crosses his arms, and smiles tightly.

David Rowe

Motorcycle Sales

Erik wears a hat and smile wide.

Erik Beasley

Motorcycle Sales

Tim has a goatee and mustache and wears a yellow and blue plaid shirt.

Tim Truax

Motorcycle Sales

David has a full white beard, black glasses, and smiles wide.

David Browning

Motorcycle Sales

Robert wears a gray hat, thin beard, and a red and black plaid shirt.

Robert Ramirez

Motorcycle Sales

Financing Department

Robin has blond hair with bangs, wears black glasses and hooped earrings.

Robin Rossiter

Finance & Insurance

MotorClothes® Department

Alex has long blond hair and wears a tank top.

Alex Beasley

MotorClothes® Manager

Debbie wears a purple plaid vest, silver necklaces, and smiles wide.

Debbie Murray

MotorClothes® Associate

Bella wears a white tank-top, glasses, has various tattoos.

Bella VanCleef

MotorClothes® Associate

Faye has short hair, wears a black zip-up shirt, hoop earrings, and forearm tattoos.

Faye Coker

MotorClothes® Associate


Scott has spiked hair and shaded glasses and smiles wide.

Scott Kessler

General Manager